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  • These books are dedicated to my wife Ceri and our wonderful three children Joshua, Jordan and Jenna who have given me support and love. I cherish the time spent with them and strive to help my patients and community keep healthy to enjoy what is most important to them.
  • These writings are also dedicated to my father Bob, who has been a tremendous inspiration to me all of my life. He is a remarkable man, blessed with kindness and a sense of fair play.
  • All too often, vascular disease shortens life and steals too much precious time away from what is most important.
  • I also want to thank my patients who have shared their concerns and have given me the privilege to be involved in their care.
  • Finally, I need to thank all the LIFE volunteers who have contributed enormous amounts of hours and support. You are too numerous to name. I and your communities thank you. Each year we grow stronger. We are constantly welcoming new members to LIFE family.
The LIFE Workbook: This Workbook will help bridge that gap by allowing you to prepare for your next health visit, monitor your progress, and keep track of important health documents. It will give you the tools to monitor your heart health and be an active partner in your own healthcare.
Dr Greg’s Facts On Blocked Arteries: What one should learn before it’s too late. This book starts with a health assessment questionnaire, followed by a description of traditional cardiac risk factors (cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, smoking, and family history). This is followed by a discussion on cardiovascular investigations and treatment, the use of modern day medications, the management of stroke, and most importantly, how to manage the treatment gap.  
Dr Greg’s Understanding Medical Research and New Approaches to Health: The book will discuss new emerging cardiac risk factors, help you understand good from bad research, and explore alternative medicine. You will also learn how to fight cancer. Finally, we will discuss things we don’t like to talk about, such as wills, insurance, and power of attorney.
Dr Greg’s Your Health is in Your Hands: Facts on when heart disease begins (recognizing the signs), the power of diet, activity, and the modern approach to weight management.
The LIFE Cookbook: is a collection of healthy recipes put together by the LIFE group, along with scientific and practical information to help navigate through the unhealthy environment of North America. You are what you eat!
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